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Kansai's Attractiveness


Kansai on the International Stage

  Kansai began its long history of exchange with the Asian continent when Osaka was a port called Naniwazu in the 5th century. Many people from the continent lived in Kansai, naturally establishing deep multicultural roots in the society of the region. As Japan entered the modern age, Kobe Port and Osaka Port both provided the capabilities necessary for international trading ports. At present, while Asia is showing amazing growth, Kansai International Airport has become the first airport in Japan to operate 24 hours a day with 4000 meter runways, providing the perfect opportunity to promote the accumulation of the functions required for attractive international business and cultural exchange.

 Meanwhile, as socio-economic globalization proceeds, Kansai is engaged in the promotion of the construction of the necessary infrastructure, and at the same time, the opening of new international conventions and a number of other projects designed to attract tourists and investment capital from foreign countries. Taking advantage of its unique storehouse of tradition and culture, Kansai is aiming for a new leap forward in a number of fields, such as industry, tourism, culture and the environment.

Photographs supplied by: Osaka Castle Museum Collection