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Health, Welfare and Medical Treatment

WHO Kobe Centre

 Including the National Cardiovascular Center (Osaka Prefecture), the National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center, and the various hospitals attached to medical universities, there are many organizations in Kansai engaged in advanced medical treatment and promoting research on treatment for cancer, heart disease and life-style diseases, etc. The citizens living in Kansai thus have one more reason to feel assured that there are sufficient medical treatment facilities in the region. And in the city of Kobe, a next-generation medical treatment system has been announced. The project is called the Kobe Life Science Cluster Project and its goals are to develop and promote research institutions in the medical industry, including new frontiers of medicine.

Kobe Life Science Cluster Project

 Japan has either the longest or second-longest average life span in the world, and in 2005, the percentage of the population over the age of 65 rose above 20%, bringing the society into the realm of ultra population aging. Along with this sudden increase in the number of citizens at an elderly age, there are more and more programs being promoted by both the national government and the various prefectures to cope with this situation. There has also been a rapid decline in birthrate, and in order to increase the confidence of the citizens in regard to raising children, the various organizations in the Kansai region are working to assure sufficient nursery facilities and support for work situations.
 In order to realize full participation and equality for the physically challenged, it is important to construct an environment conducive to self-reliance for these citizens in the local districts, and there are programs being initiated to assure residences, group homes and other facilities to meet the needs generated by the increase in the number of aged, physically challenged persons.

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