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A large number of amusement facilities exist in Kansai, with many theme and amusement parks available that are perfect for family outings. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) was opened in Osaka as the first Universal Studios theme park located outside the United States. The 54-hectare seaside site is a huge theme park. There are a variety of other such facilities in Kansai, such as the Shima Spanish Village theme park PARQUE ESPAÑE in Mie Prefecture, and in Wakayama, the urban-style resort complex Porto Europa, in Wakayama Marina City, and the Kuroshio Ichiba (literally, the Black Current Fisherman's Wharf). Furthermore, in Osaka, the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN features a huge aquarium with a whale shark, the largest living fish species. In Mie Prefecture there is the huge indoor Toba Aquarium, featuring an aquarium 240 m long, and with an inner pathway 1.5 km in length.

Porto Europa

 The Takarazuka Revue is the only theater company in the world to feature only female performers, and these highly trained females play even the male roles on stage. The performing style incorporates both traditional Japanese Kabuki and French revue elements, resulting in an elegant stage performance. The Revue has its own theater and artist school, drawing many young applicants wanting to become a Takarazuka Show Girl. In Kyoto, there is the Toei Movie Land, Uzumasa, where the open stage of the historical films has become an amusement park.

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

 Kansai has a multitude of historical structures and many rich cultural assets where you can fully enjoy the true spirit of Japanese culture, such as the traditional art forms. Furthermore, Kansai is blessed with multiple variations in the land, the characteristic Japanese seasons and a rich natural environment, so there are many landscapes expressing the natural beauty of Japan, providing many opportunities for rest and relaxation outdoors in the wonders of nature. With this storehouse of culture, the rich natural environment, and given its convenient location and good transportation systems, Kansai has become a first-class tourism destination.

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