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Kansai's Attractiveness


The Lifestyle and Culture in Kansai Today

 It has been said that people in Kansai have a temperament that places substance ahead of outward appearances, and the pragmatic spirit has deep roots in Kansai. The water transport and railroads were largely developed through the efforts of the citizens and companies in the region, that is, the efforts of the local district. Many of the environmental conservation programs in Japan got their start at the citizen's level in Kansai. In Kyoto since the Meiji Restoration, while there was some government support, the citizens raised funds and built elementary schools in each ward of the city, forming the foundation for the compulsory education system in effect today. In this way, Kansai is a district in which either the local citizens or the local district has promoted city planning, and that spirit is still an essential element in the lifestyle in Kasai today. Kansai has always played a leading role in the formation of the modern society in Japan. Taking full advantage of the vast storehouse of tradition and culture in the district, the Kansai region is creating new aspects of culture even today, and it can be said that Kansai is a creative modern base for modern culture in Japan.