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The Characteristics of the Industries and the Economy in Kansai

Instant ramen

There are many mainstay enterprises, as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises, in Kansai, which has the perfect economic climate for the growth of superior venture businesses. Many new businesses have been created by enterprises in the Kansai region, or developed in Kansai and later expanded throughout the country. The enterprises in Kansai are filled with the entrepreneur spirit necessary to give birth to bold concepts for creative business activities. A huge variety of original diverse products have been developed in the region, such as Katorisenko mosquito coils, family computers, and instant food products, like instant ramen, and many of these products are very popular around the world. In addition, in the field of commercial and service enterprises, many different types of companies, actually too numerous to mention them all, originated in the Kansai region, such as house-moving service companies, music cable-broadcasting companies, karaoke companies, kaitenzushi revolving sushi shops, and the like.

House-moving service

 One of the characteristic features of Kansai is the existence of small- and medium-sized enterprises with a very high level of technical capability. The infrastructure that has provided support for the processing and assembly industries that are so representative of Japan, including the household and electrical appliances, electronic equipment, and automobile industries, among others, was created by these small- and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, we have seen many small- and medium-sized enterprises that are industry innovators, and these companies have employed their unique technological capabilities as a springboard to develop even newer technology and new, unique products, creating whole new business fields for advancement.
 With open and free atmosphere of Kansai, it offers a flexible state of mind and created a storehouse of historical culture. Close collaboration between industrial, academic, and government organizations has led to the formation of characteristic research and development centers, and as can be seen in the variety of creative concepts evident in the lifestyle-related culture in Kansai, such as the performing arts and fashion fields, Kansai is a region that expresses a type of circulatory dynamism, where the culture creates new industries and, in turn, the industries create new cultural aspects.

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