This website is designed to promote art and culture from the Kansai region of western Japan

To foster an environment that encourages a greater familiarity with culture, we are committed to dispatching information about various new activities that are currently being undertaken in the region.

In addition to "On-site Report," an introduction to experimental activities throughout the region, we have joined forces with the monthly English magazine Kansai Time Out to provide more complete and in-depth coverage.

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On-Site Report:(http://www.all-kansai.jp/en/art_culture/report/index.html)
Catch up on the latest cultural trends and venues in Kansai and see how the area is changing.
Kansai Sites and Insights:(http://www.all-kansai.jp/en/art_culture/insight/index.html)
Take an in-depth look at the distinctive culture of the Kansai region of western Japan through the eyes of its foreign residents.