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The Mie Elephant is an ancient elephant, given the scientific name of Stegodon miensis. It has a length of 8 m and height of 4 m. This elephant is considered to be the largest terrestrial mammals in history, whose fossils ha...

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My heart aches when I come across cultural property sites in Nara that are damaged by foreign animal or plant species. At the former Heijo-kyu Palace site, a World Heritage Site, three plant species―tickseed, bur cucum...

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Be sure to visit Ohno-dera, where weeping cherry trees ushers in the spring season, and Anzan-ji...[More...]
Ise Jingu is the home of the Japanese spirit. Enshrined in the Naiku Inner Shrine, is  Amat...[More...]


The non-verbal entertainment show “GEAR,” which originated in Japan, stages a new type of performance that can appeal to diverse audiences, including tourists from abroad, with no language barriers. In GEAR’s shows, world-class mimes, break dancers, magicians, jugglers an...