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The Kojiki, or Records of Ancient Matters, was completed in the ancient capital of Nara over 1,300 years ago. In this oldest chronicle of Japan, many myths that begin with stories of the formation of Japan and various occurr...

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Recently, there have been many topics that make us feel that the advent of the global age is closely related to ourselves. We have plenty of topics to talk about―FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, companies expanding oversea...

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This is Eihei-ji, the head temple of Japan's Soto School of Buddhism. [More...]
Geku: enshirined here is Toyouke Omikami, the goddess of food and grains. [More...]


The non-verbal entertainment show “GEAR,” which originated in Japan, stages a new type of performance that can appeal to diverse audiences, including tourists from abroad, with no language barriers. In GEAR’s shows, world-class mimes, break dancers, magicians, jugglers an...