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Biwako Fireworks Festival in Shiga
 With a panoramic view of Biwako, the largest lake in Japan, as a background, fireworks festivals will be held in various places throughout Shiga prefecture. Large brilliant fireworks are reflected on the lake and colorfully ...

KANSAI Close-up

A Walk down History Lane
 There may soon be a new addition to the tourist destinations of the ancient city of Nara. The attraction in question is the Nara Juvenile Prison in northern Nara City—the exterior, and not the goings-on behind the bars...

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Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
Hi. I'm Mike Rhodes. I'm from the state of Colorado in the United States. But, today I wan...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.3)
Hi everyone, my name is Jenifer Tanikawa and I am a second generation Japanese Canadian hailing from...[More...]


Sightseeing News
On July 24, “Atomatsuri Yamahoko Procession” and “Hanagasa Procession” of Gion Festival were carried out in Kyoto. Picture①② “Atomatsuri Yamahoko Procession”, in which 10 Yama and Hoko floats parade through the city. The attached is “Oofunehoko” float reprodu...
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