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The Tour of Nara Mahoroba is a bicycle event intended for participants to enjoy the eastern part of Nara Prefecture (Uda City, Yamazoe Village, Soni Village, and Mitsue Village) by bicycle. This event, which was held for t...

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Welcome to Fukui Prefecture.My name is Xu and I am from Zhejiang Province in China.I would like to...[More...]
Born and raised in Sakai, Rikyu perfected the wabi-cha style, serving powerful warlords Oda No...[More...]


The non-verbal entertainment show “GEAR,” which originated in Japan, stages a new type of performance that can appeal to diverse audiences, including tourists from abroad, with no language barriers. In GEAR’s shows, world-class mimes, break dancers, magicians, jugglers an...

Event Calendar

Early September
Tsuruga Matsuri
September 5th to 6th
Shirahige Matsuri
September 15th - 16th
Anori Puppet Play
Mid September
Hoze Matsuri
Mid to late September
Kobe Nankin-machi Mid-Autumn Festival
Late September
Suzuka Balloon Festival