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Featuring the “Midosuji Illumination,” a symbolic road of light along which Midosuji’s ginkgo trees are adorned with thousands of LED lights, and “Osaka Hikari Renaissance,” an illumination festival in which Naka...

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Welcome to Awara Onsen! The woman in a kimono greeting guests in the lobby is this establishment&#...[More...]
Geku: enshirined here is Toyouke Omikami, the goddess of food and grains. [More...]


The new Kansai Tourist Information Center was opened on Dec. 10. It is located in Shinsaibashi shopping district, the city center of Osaka (see the attached map). Various requested services are provided to help international tourists such as provision of tourists’ informatio...

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Early December to Decem...
Kobe Kitano Christmas Street
December 31st to Januar...
Geita Festival
December 1st to 25th
Twinkle Joyo
January 2nd
Arima Hot Spring Irizome Shiki
Early January
December 1st to January...
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