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Japanese Pieris Exhibition at Daitsu-ji Temple
 Many buildings at Daitsu-ji Temple, a branch of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple, are designated as cultural properties. The main building and the hall are believed to be the remains of Fushimi Castle and partly embody the ornate st...


Sightseeing News
“Echizen-gani Crab”, which is male “Zuwai” crab caught near Echizen Seacoast, the northern coast of Fukui prefecture, is one of the most popular, delicious and high-class crabs caught on the coast around Japan. The luxury foodstuff, valued at 20,000 - 30,000 yen for ...
recommended routes:On this course you can enjoy charms of the north part of Lake Biwa.
You can visit Kurokabe (black wall) Square, a newly renovated historical building with its glass galleries, craft center and restaurants. You will have fun visiting Chikubu-shima Island as well as enj

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Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
Today I want to introduce you to the wonder and natural environment of my second hometown in Kuman...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
The history of Kumano spreads over more than a 1000 years, with pilgrims coming down from other pa...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
Here we are at Hosshinmon Oji, a popular spot to lead into Hongu area. And what's important is...[More...]

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February 15th
Dengaku Noh in Mizumi
Early January to mid Fe...
Narcissus Festival
February 25th
Hiwatari Shinji
Last Saturday and Sunda...
Katsuyama Sagicho Matsuri
February 1st to 5th
Yaya Festival
Mid February to mid Mar...
Yuki Jinja Ume Matsuri
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