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Oto Fire Festival —Soul-stirring men’s fire festival with the ancient tradition of Kumano’s yamabushi mountain ascetics Oto Fire Festival is an annual festival held at Kamikura Shrine in Shingu City on Februa...

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 The World Masters Games is a global multi-sport event held every four years targeted on athl...[More...]
 In Japan, every spring and summer, a nationwide high school baseball Invitational tournament...[More...]


This time of year, beautiful “Robai” (wintersweet) flowers are enjoyed in many parts of the Kansai region. The small and yellow flowers look like plum flowers. They smell so sweet and they look as if they were made of wax. The flower name “Robai” literally means “plu...

Event Calendar

February 3rd
Setsubun-e at Daikakuji
February 6th
Oto (torch) Matsuri
February 15th
Dengaku Noh in Mizumi
Early January to mid Fe...
Narcissus Festival
February 25th
Hiwatari Shinji
Last Saturday and Sunda...
Katsuyama Sagicho Matsuri