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The Naruto Whirlpools will soon be at its best!
The Naruto Whirlpools is one of Tokushima Prefecture’s most famous tourist attractions. The size of the whirlpools will vary depending on the season and the time. If you are hoping to catch sight of a large-scale whirlpool...

Kansai Window TV

Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
Here we are in Koyasan, the center of the Shingon Buddhist faith. And this location here is Danjo-...[More...]
Introduction to the Kansai World Masters Games 2021
 The World Masters Games is a global multi-sport event held every four years targeted on athl...[More...]


Sightseeing News
This time of year, beautiful “Robai” (wintersweet) flowers are enjoyed in many parts of the Kansai region. The small and yellow flowers look like plum flowers. They smell so sweet and they look as if they were made of wax. The flower name “Robai” literally means “plu...

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